Sharla June

I offer private music lessons for older children and adults,  as well as group lessons, events, and summer camps.  All my lessons are focused on acoustic instruments.
Humans dig in when we commit a set amount of time to learning, and I can learn more about you when we spend committed time together. That is why I operate on a semester system during the Fall (12 weeks)  & Winter/Spring (15 weeks). Summers are a bit different! Go here to learn more.
  1. Old-Time Banjo
    Old-Time Banjo
    I teach clawhammer banjo style in a variety of traditional tunings. Learn chord shapes, hammers, pulls, slides, tab-reading, old-time music history, and some basic music theory.
  2. Guitar Lessons | Sharla June
    Guitar lessons focus on becoming a competent rhythm player before moving into picking techniques. Learn chords, rhythm patterns, charts & tab, music history, a variety of styles, and some basic music theory.
  3. Ukulele
    I teach both soprano & baritone uke. Learn chords, strumming & picking patterns, both traditional and contemporary ukulele songs, how to read chord charts, and some basic music theory.
  4. Singing/Songwriting
    Singing lessons focus on finding and caring for your natural voice, support and breathing techniques, basic music theory, and singing/performing a variety of styles, including harmony singing. I do not "train" your voice.