Sharla June


Specializing in Reading & Writing Instruction and Assessment

I believe that children want to learn, and that our job as teachers is to work alongside our students, co-creating a learning space in which the student's unique interests and gifts are in play at all times. I specialize in helping students learn how to learn more, to know their own mind and learning-style preferences, and to master necessary skills through natural practice.  ​​

If you would like to know more about my skills and experience, please take a look at my CV: 
  1. Reading | Sharla June
    I have many years experience teaching children to read and developing curricula and instructional strategies that meet them where they are today, as readers.
  2. Writing | Sharla June Tutoring
    Helping young people find their voice and achieve mastery over the conventions that produce good writing is my passion. I offer one-on-one tutoring as well as group classes and summer camps.
  3. Assessments | Sharla June Tutoring
    Basic reading and writing assessments will tell you at which grade level your child is currently working. I also offer more in-depth assessments, which include instructional strategies and cuccicula specific to your child.
Fees & Schedules
Humans dig in when we commit a measurable amount of time to learning. I also need time to connect with students and learn how best to teach them, and that is why I operate on a semester system. 

  • The 2018 Fall semester runs for 12 weeks,  August 27 – November 30, with weeks off for Hamilton Co. Fall Break (Oct 8 – 12)  & for Thanksgiving (Nov 22 – 26).

  • The 2019 Winter/Spring semester runs for 15 weeks, January 7 – April 26.

I use a variety of teaching resources and will choose them based on the student's needs and learning preferences. My goal is always to help children grow into joyful and effective readers.

Depending on where a student is in his reading journey, he may need a weekly 1/2-hour or a weekly 1-hour session. This will be determined after an initial assessment.​
$300/semester for 12 weekly 1/2-hour sessions
$600/semester for 12 weekly 1-hour sessions

$375/semester for 15 weekly 1/2-hour sessions
$750/semester for 15 weekly 1-hour sessions

My experiences as a writer inform my teaching. I use the workshop model for writing instruction, which includes coaching in revision strategies. Coming at writing in unorthodox ways challenges young writers to find their unique voice and to practice using it in a variety of different situations.

All students need at least an hour-long, weekly session for writing instruction.

$600/semester for 12 weekly sessions (Fall)
$750/semester for 15 weekly sessions (Winter/Spring)
I also combine two or more students to create mini-classes, in which we focus on particular kinds of writing--fiction, poetry, journalism, technical & research writing, or argument & persuasion.
$850/semester for 12 weekly sessions of 2 – 4 students (Fall)
$1000/semester for 15 weekly sessions of 2 – 4 students (Winter/Spring)

Larger groups are also possible. Rates will vary.

Reading Assessments​
After many years working with young readers and much research into different tools, I use the Qualitative Reading Inventory for assessments. I appreciate the in-depth information it gives me about areas where a reader may be struggling.

The basic reading assessment usually occurs in two sessions; this will depend on the reader's stamina level. You will receive a written report with your child's independent and instructional reading levels, fluency rate, and comprehension scores.

The in-depth assessment also includes specific instructional & curricular suggestions to support your child's reading growth across a semester.


Writing Assessments​
Writing is a complex process grounded in several higher-order skills. It is not something that can be measured with a standardized test or a quick quiz. It is a process built upon practice and awareness. I aim to help parents/tutors build a strong foundation for a child's future writing success.

Writing assessments take place in two 1/2- to 1-hour sessions, depending on the level and stamina of the student. You will receive a written report with your child's current writing level, based on a rubric that uses state and national writing standards, as well as an excellent developmental continuum created in NSW Australia. This report will include a discussion of the specific elements of effective writing: ideas, audience awareness, organization/structure, content/research, fluency/word choice, and conventions. And it will offer instructional suggestions and curricula to help your child grow as a writer.

Tuition is paid at the start of the semsester or can be split into  three monthly payments, due on the first of each month.  I accept cash, bank transfers, or debit/credit payments online or via my paypal ( or venmo ( accounts..  

If a student must miss a session, we will try to schedule a make-up or agree on an equivalent activity. Online video sessions are available in the case of illness, car trouble, etc. Fall and Spring semesters are 12- and 15-weeks long, respectively, and the Summer semester is 6 weeks long.
Pay Debit/Credit